Galaxy Surfactants is leading manufacturer of innovative products for the Personal and Home care industry.
We believe in creating responsible chemistry. We have chosen to remain close to Personal & Home Care Business. Choosing the industry is just the beginning.Galaxy brand is well known to all the global, regional & local companies operating in this business. We serve the consumers across all walks of life and all across the world.

We have invested heavily in the innovation process which has turned out specialty ingredients that have specific applications for various personal care products. We have manufacturing plants located at Taloja, Tarapur, Jaghadia in India, Egypt and USA. We also have a state of art Pilot Plant at Tarapur and Taloja.

At Navi Mumbai, we have a fully equipped R&D centre with considerable investment for conducting lab scale innovation work on various projects.

At Galaxy, a significant part of our corporate culture is to provide viable solutions to customers. Our business approach is “Consumer to Chemistry”. We begin with the end consumers in mind and thus anticipate our customer’s needs. This has led to challenges which are viewed by our team members as opportunities. The high quality team spirit has converted many of the opportunities into winning products for our customers. All these factors have enabled us to position ourselves as global supplier to global brands.

Success comes through successful people. Over 40% of our Senior Management Personnel have been with the Company for over a decade. They have stood by the Company in its successful journey as they chartered the Company through its ups and downs. Most of them having started at the bottom, their growth today is as impressive as Company’s growth itself!

In 2010, Galaxy Surfactants Ltd acquired specialty chemical major TRI-K Inc and its subsidiary Maybrook Inc ,USA operating out of New Jersey and New Hampshire respectively. Tri-K has created a niche and is a valuable brand in USA, with sharp focus on skin and Hair Care. It has a much respected business globally, primarily focusing in North America. Maybrook Inc has its manufacturing facility at New Hampshire, where it makes proteins, Protein condensates and Quats for Personal Care.