Transparent Bathing Bar (TBB)

In India, way back in 1990s and prior, the only Transparent Soap which was available in the market was Pears Soap, which involved a manufacturing cycle of 3 months including crystallization of the Soap in Ethyl Alcohol over 21 days. The manufacturing process was extremely slow and long.

The Govt. of India, thru' BIS, in 1992 introduced a regulation stipulating that Bathing Bars should have a minimum TFM (Total Fatty Matter) of 40% and also that the Bathing Bars should have a 4% minimum incorporation of Synthetic Surfactants. This added to the complexity. Until then Transparent Soaps in India was a product of large scale manufacturing Company, which warranted huge investments.

The R&D Team at Galaxy, through their brilliant "Disruptive Innovation" in 2001 came up with "TBB Flakes" (Transparent Bathing Bar Flakes) and made Transparent Soaps accessible to small manufacturers and thus made Transparent Soap in to a cottage industry item. The brilliance was lapped up by several small emerging entrepreneurs in India, who have hit it big time over the years. They marketed their Transparent Soaps through the channel of Khadi Gram Udyog, Fab India and other channels too. Galaxy's TBB Flakes are "Ready to Use" which can be used to formulate melt and pour products, which just required the entrepreneurs to invest very little money in their manufacturing set-up. Above all the manufacturing cycle was drastically crashed from 3 months to just 3 hours. The transparency, wear rate and skin feel were brilliantly addressed by our formulation superiority.

Thus was born several competitors to Pears through the "Disruptive Innovation" of Galaxy.

TBB Flakes bears testimony to Galaxy's mastery in formulation, application development, chemistry and scale up competencies....... Truly an innovative example of "Engineering the Art of Chemistry".