REACH is an acronym stands for Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals. REACH is a regulation for chemicals, which came into effect on June 1, 2007 in European Union. It takes a precautious stance, meaning the burden is placed on industry to prove that the chemicals it produces, uses, and places on the market in significant quantities (> 1 tonne per year) are safe for humans and the environment. As a result, an estimated 30,000 chemicals are expected to be registered under REACH.

Galaxy Surfactants Limited is a global supplier of surfactants and specialty chemicals to global companies in the home and personal care industry. We are dedicated to the Principles of Safety and Care and our Quality Policy clearly enumerates this.

At Galaxy, a team with members drawn from multi-functions works on REACH, with the ultimate responsibility lying with the REACH core team. Team members gather relevant information by attending various seminars, workshops, and trainings conducted across the globe. This has helped us to implement REACH at Galaxy.

Being a non- EU manufacturer and supplier, we have appointed competent Only Representative (OR). We have done pre- registration of more than 50 substances and are confident of completing the REACH registration within the time frame.

We are working with our suppliers to get their REACH pre- registration and registration commitments. We are confident of meeting the REACH requirements to ensure uninterrupted supply of raw materials to our valued customers and we are always there within their REACH.



Being a responsible supplier to major FMCG companies around the globe, Galaxy is committed to fulfil all its commitments to society, environment and surroundings in return ensuring a long term value addition to its customer and their sustainability targets. At Galaxy, we respect and appreciate the efforts of our customer and always get encouraged by being contributor in the supply chain that strengthens customer's sustainability stand. Galaxy is coming up with a process to build up our own internal competencies laying a strong foundation of our sustainability performance by continually measuring and monitoring parameters covering the three pillars of sustainability - i.e. Environment, Society and Economic.

In Financial Year 2012-13, Galaxy has adhered to customer driven initiatives like the Responsible Sourcing Practice, Social Accountability Audits and complied to new sets of regulation and rules wherever applicable. Galaxy has also initiated the process of attaining Responsible Care logo, registration has been completed and now organisation is preparing itself for external audit. REACH registration and ECO-CERT have been taken up and emphasised on by Galaxy for countries and products wherever they are applicable.



We follow our responsibilities as a sustainable supplier by undergoing several audits and participating in assessments requested by our customers. Based on the findings, we take up initiatives and action plans to continuously improve our systems.

  • Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA)
  • Responsible Sourcing Audit
  • Supplier Sustainability Assessment and Supplier Sustainability Board of Partners
  • arbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
  • EcoVadis Supplier Sustainability Assessment


  • of Indian Standard - BIS
  • Indian Chemical Council - ICC
  • Confederation of Indian Industry - CII
  • National Safety Council - NSC
  • Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry - BCCI
  • Indian Merchants Chamber - IMC
  • Manufacturing Association at location of operation - e.g. Taloja Manufacturing Association (TMA)
  • Mutual Aid Response Group - MARG

Involvement with the institutions and general bodies provides an opportunity to understand the changes and improvements happening around and at the same time assists to put forward your own set of concerns at common platform. Galaxy has been in long term association with these institutions and participated in various forums and activities organized by them. This helped us to build our own prospect of visualizing the best practices amongst the industries and benchmark our own systems.