Galaxy is continuously improving its sustainability performance through various supplier sustainability programs and disclosure platforms like CDP, WDP and EcoVadis. Galaxy achieved a significant increase in its Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) supply chain score in year 2015.


GHG emission accounting and reduction is integral part of our long-term agenda towards sustainability and climate change mitigation. Taking ahead GHG emissions accounting and reporting process which is committed since FY 2011-12, Galaxy has achieved milestone of attaining its 1st external verification statement for Indian facilities by third party based on ISO 14064-1 standard this year. Energy conservation themes and projects executed in FY 2014-15 have resulted in reduction of power consumption, fuel consumption and improved energy efficiency. As a result, for Indian facilities, total GHG emission mitigation calculated is 2956.13 tonnes of CO2e.

GHG Verification Statement- FY14-15