Galaxy have established a strong Incident management systems in place and all the incidents are captured, reported and appropriate action are taken to avoid recurrence of incidents. The primary focus of the incident management process is to restore the operation at the earliest and minimize the impact on business operations.

All the incidents need to be reported immediately to the immediate senior of function and then to the group of employees.

Incident Investigation Sub committee, a cross functional committee, representatives from all locations, ensures that all incidents are investigated thoroughly using “Why- Why” analysis and root cause for the incidents are identified. Incidents need to be investigated within 3 working days and recommendations and action plans are formulated. All the probable causes are identified and action plans are put in place, to ensure that incidents do not occur again.

Regularly all the incidents are compiled to see the overall trend of the incidents and enterprise level decisions are made to contain the incidents. All incidents including “Off-Site” incidents, incidents such as Environmental incidents, property damage incidents are captured and reviewed.

One of the key safety indicators Galaxy started monitoring is TRIFR (Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate). This indicator has been benchmarked with other industries frequency rate for target setting as well as establishing best practices