Galaxy Surfactants receives the first RSPO trademark in India for Surfactants

Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. has become the first Indian Surfactant Company to receive the license to offer RSPO trademarked products. Starting the journey in 2012 with an Ordinary membership of the RSPO followed by MB (Mass Balance) certification of all its relevant facilities, the journey continues to progress with the receipt of the RSPO trademark. This milestone has enabled our Customers to be able to participate in this global initiative and demonstrate their commitment. Sustainability in Galaxy is a Top Management mandate and is driven with a focus to differentiate to Customers and ensure increased participation in this important initiative. With a large portion of raw materials originating from Palm value chain, being a Global Supplier catering to big consumer brands and touching lives of millions of consumers every day; it was our responsibility to promote use of raw materials that comes from sustainable source which is in the best interests of the Industry.


About RSPO :

RSPO is a not-for- profit association that unites stakeholders from every sector of the palm value chain from producers to midstream processors, downstream companies, financial institutions & Non- Governmental Organizations. In this way, RSPO lives out the philosophy of the "roundtable" by giving equal rights to each stakeholder group to bring group-specific agendas to the roundtable, facilitating traditionally adversarial stakeholders and business competitors to work together towards a common objective and making decisions by consensus. To know more about RSPO please visit :